On my Butterfly Way

By Melonie Gillett

Caterpillars are often rejected until they become butterflies! It is a magnificent transformation. While caterpillars are not very pleasing to the eye, butterflies, on the other hand, capture our attention.

Photo by PixaBay

The truth is, if we look carefully, the radiant colors, patterns, and spines on caterpillars are phenomenal. Nonetheless, there is no denying that when butterflies reach complete metamorphosis and spread their wings, the result is a remarkable work of art. 

Similar to caterpillars, in life, we are judged harshly, especially when we have not yet reached our full potential. To others, we might not be radiant enough, successful enough, or colorful enough. We might be too green, or not green enough; too weird, or not weird enough. Before even realizing what has occurred, we allow these opinions to define who we are. Insecure thoughts intrude and we begin to believe them ourselves.

But caterpillars never ask permission to transform. They don’t care whether or not the popular opinion is that they are ugly; caterpillars carry on, fulfilling their duties. They do not need permission to be exactly who they are or to become what they are meant to be.  Why then do we need permission to be great? We don’t, but we are human; emotional beings who are naturally boosted by acceptance, however; it is ultimately up to us if we let this stop us from reaching our full potential.

If we constantly allow the opinions of others to have a negative effect on our emotional well-being, then we will always be trapped in a cocoon and never transform. We will be distracted from our mission, swayed and pulled in this way or the next, but never confident in the path we are meant to take. The reality is that everyone will not like us. There will be those who are unable to see how magnificent we are. There will be times when only a few will believe in us and times when we are judged. If we can accept this, then we will know to simply carry on our butterfly way to magnificence.

Is it an easy task? Definitely not! And what about the voice from within? The screams from our subconscious minds saying, “No, don’t take that risk. Stay here, where it is safe. There is no need for change”. It tries to protect us, yet inevitably holds us back. Again, it is no easy task, but here I am, on my butterfly way.

When my long-time friend, Canadian photographer, Jim Hagen, suggested that we do our photo shoot at the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch, I loved the idea.  It had been some ten years since our first photo shoot at Casa Santa Maria and Martz Farm, and I had anticipated working with Jim again.

Jim Hagen Photography – Martz Farm

Fast forward to 2022 and there I was, planning to put butterflies all over me. Butterflies are such radiant, elegant, and sophisticated creatures. They move gracefully and their color patterns are works of art with so many unique designs. So, I was definitely up for the adventure! We planned in advance, the shots, wardrobe, mood, etc.  Jim is very thorough and likes to be fully prepared, so we knew exactly what we were going for. On the day of the shoot, I was heading to Green Hills Butterfly Ranch when I realized that somehow I had marked the wrong date on my calendar. The shoot was actually set for the following day. Such a Bummer! So, taking into consideration that I was almost at the Ranch with my entire crew, Jim decided to improvise and made it happen. It was such a lovely experience and while there is so much more that I can say about my butterfly experience, I’d rather let the pictures tell the tale.

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